Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crystal Floor Washes

Have you ever wanted to bring more magick into the mundane task of house cleaning? Make mopping floors a magickal experience with our new Crystal Floor Washes!

Our crystal floor washes are brewed with blessed spring water, that has been charged with crystals under the shimmering moonlight or under the glistening sun (depending on the intent and the particular energies needed) with cleansed crystals, charging the water with their magickal energies. The charged water is then blended with essential oils and a few other magickal ingredients and viola! A natural, Green Witch brew to help cleanse your floors and bring in the magickal energies into your hearth and home.

To use: Simply add 1-2 tablespoons of our concentrated Crystal Floor Wash to one bucket of warm water and mop as usual! Some people like to take it an extra step and mop from the door in to draw in a particular energy or from the inside to the door to banish or rid lingering negative energies. Again, just a personal preference, do whatever feels right for you!

Current Blends Available:

Psychic Portals

Prosperity Magick

Tranquil Home

Dragon's Blood

Amas Veritas

Moon Blessings

Cleanse & Purify

Light of Lugh

Indigo Child

Kitchen Witch'n

Business Success

Hedge Witch

Mermaid Magick

Gaia's Garden