Monday, July 18, 2011

Kitchen Witchery

The Kitchen Witch's Creed

In this pot, I stir to the sun,
An' follow the rule of harming none.
Banishment of bane when goin' widdershins;
an' with water and salt negativity is cleansed.

Household duties are more than chores,
Magick abounds when mopping floors.
With this broom, I do sweep,
to clean my house and safely keep.

Marigold, Basil, Thyme and Yarrow,
My spell is cast for a better tomorrow.
Lemons for joy and apples for health,
the pow'r within brings great wealth.

And in this kitchen I do pray,
To truly walk the witches' way.

~"The Kitchen Witch's Creed" by E. Zeigler

In honor of my fellow kitchen witches' I have created several kitchen witch products from floor washes and sweeps, to candles, spell oils and incenses. Each product has been formulated to help cleanse negative energies and bring in abundant, positive blessings into your home. To check out our Kitchen Witchery line of products head over to our Etsy shop at:

Blessed Be!